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About This Site

The Investment Company Institute sponsors this website to increase awareness of the need to improve personal savings in America and to encourage support, among opinion leaders and investors, for measures that would help Americans save more.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. When you visit our site, we do not collect any personal, identifying information about you unless you volunteer that information in our online survey. We do not use individual survey information for commercial purposes nor do we share this information with any other organization. You will not receive any unsolicited email from us as a result of using our website or completing our survey.

We do not place a "cookie" in your browser files (among other things, cookies allow websites to be customized for each user) except in the following situations:

1. If you elect to "turn off" the hyperlink alert (the popup box that informs you that you are leaving fundingyourfuture.org when you click on a link to another website), a cookie is placed in your browser to disable the alert for as long as your browser is open. Because it is not a permanent cookie, you will need to "turn off" the hyperlink alert each time you visit our site in order to disable it for that visit. If you do not want this temporary cookie in your browser file, leave the hyperlink alert on.

2. If you select the "skip intro always" option as you enter the site, a cookie is placed in your browser that will skip the intro each time you visit the site for one year. After that, the cookie expires and on your next visit, you will need to reselect the "skip intro always" option. If you wish to view the intro again during the year, you may either delete the cookie from your browser (see your browser help files for how to do this) or visit Federal Solutions Needed Now and click on "Everyday Investors Discussing Financial Security."

In addition to information you choose to provide us through our survey, we gather information about how our site is used. For instance, our web server automatically collects each visitor's domain name (the internet name of the organization through which the visitor connects to us; examples of domain names include ici.org, sec.gov, and aol.com). We also collect aggregate information about user visits, such as when the site is visited most often and which areas of the site are accessed most often.

We use both kinds of information—the information you volunteer through user surveys and the information we automatically collect—to analyze how to improve our site. We also use this information to report to our member organizations aggregate statistics on how the site is used.

Copyright and Linking Policies

The Investment Company Institute makes the information on its website available to anyone. You may store any of this information on your own computer for your personal, individual use only, you may print copies of the information for your personal, individual use only, and you may link to this information from your website. You may cite or refer to the information in this site in any media provided you include proper attribution indicating Investment Company Institute as the source and https://fundingyourfuture.org as the URL.

Unless otherwise noted, the entire contents of this website, including text and images, belong exclusively to the Investment Company Institute (ICI). With the exception of brief excerpts properly attributed, you may not distribute the text or graphics to others (except through hyperlink); you may not reproduce, modify, or reuse the text or graphics; and you may not post this information on other websites.


As a convenience to our users, many of the documents on our website contain links to information created and maintained by other organizations. Please note that ICI does not control, and is not responsible for, the accuracy, timeliness, or even the continued availability or existence of this outside information. Opinions expressed on other sites are not necessarily those of the Institute, nor does ICI endorse, warrant, or guarantee products or services described or offered on other sites. Neither is ICI responsible for the contents of any websites that choose to link to the Institute's websites.

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